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Publication in the Journal of Paper Conservation Vol.19, Issue 1, about SINTEVA

Many thanks to the Journal of Paper Conservation (JPC) for the publication of my article on SINTEVA synthetic leather, a material sustainable for leather conservation.

From an idea to a finish product, research development and what's up next ; it's all there.

If you are not a Taylor & Francis Online subscriber's, I am provided with 50 free access to dispatch, I will gladfully share them if you drop me an e-mail ! Please try not refreshing the page as the website currently has an issue counting every opened link as a different user. I am eager to hear your feedback on this promising material debutes.

I warmfully wish to thank the JPC board for coping with the editing process, and the IADA committee for this opportunity to share my research.

Quote : "Ségolène Girard (2018) BEVA® 371-based Synthetic Leather, Journal of Paper Conservation, 19:1, 18-32, DOI: 10.1080/18680860.2018.1521018".

Exemple de comblement de lacune avec SINTEVA, lacune de cuir (a) ; "côté chair" de SINTEVA (b) ; "parure" de SINTEVA (c) ; "élagage côté fleur" de SINTEVA ; plaçure (e) ; retouche (f)


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